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ThisNerd: Friendly and Helpful IT Support and Helpdesk Management

Call anytime for IT Help! First 10 minutes free!

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What ThisNerd Does

Whether it is a friendly voice on the phone to talk you through a problem, or a remote access session to help you get back on track, ThisNerd can help. The same IT specialist will help with all your issues. No swapping and changing and re-explaining the problem. Computers made simple!

Remote Problem Solving

Is something on your computer just not working right? No one around to lend a hand? Remote Problem Solving is the perfect solutions. With the newest technology, ThisNerd is able to connect to your computer through the internet. This means house calls aren't needed, so problems can be solved much quicker. All this for £30 per hour!

Remote Learning

Is there something you wish you knew how to do? A program you want to use but don't know where to start? ThisNerd can offer over the phone training to take you from technophobe to computer whiz! This costs just £35 per hour!

Business IT Outsourcing

ThisNerd can be your IT helpdesk. Perhaps you run a small to medium sized company but need a team on hand to to support you with the technical side of running a business. ThisNerd knows that a business wants to focus on its mission and not fixing problems that arise with your computers. That's where we can help. Get in touch for a quote.

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Mason was amazing! He totally put me at ease and as I'm not technically minded explained everything I was unsure about in 'plain speak' while we were waiting for certain things to uninstall he was very chatty and and went through all the options that were available to me so that my computer would run quicker. Thank you Mason

Pat E.

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